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About Mawlay

Mawlay is a fusion of history, heritage and tradition. 
Taking place during the Holy month of Ramadan. Mawlay works to redefine Iftar and Sohour as it is known.

Mawlay is a passion! A passion for food and a love for Egypt and its grand history. A vision conceptualized by Dina El Sabban after a master's degree at the esteemed Institut Paul Bocuse and supported by many years in the culinary industry. El Sabban returned to Egypt determined to share her love of food and country by merging the two to create the "Mawlay Experience."

Dina El Sabban an avid epicurean, with a lifetime passion for the culinary arts. El Sabban is the first Egyptian to graduate from the Institut Paul Bocuse.
With 10 years of professional experience in the field, and having worked with Michelin star chefs, El Sabban introduces an experience not merely based on food, but one that engages all the senses.

History of Mawlay

History of Mawlay In 2021, Mawlay launched along with the Egyptian Mummies exhibition at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. To be the first to ever offer a full-fledged experience at a location of this nature, Mawlay presented a gastronomic twist to its Ramadan menus, as well as an exclusive visit to the museum and its exhibitions.

Following the great success of delivering a unique experience as such, last Ramadan, Mawlay Vol. 2 was launched with an exceptional venue, taking place within the walls of one of Egypt’s most historical landmarks, the Citadel of Salah Al-Din. Located within the terrace of the Police Museum yard, visitors enjoyed Iftar and Suhoor with full view access to the Citadel, Muhammed Ali Mosque, and an unrestricted panoramic view of Cairo.

This year, and with the same passion as last year, Mawlay Vol.3 finally emerges with a glorious, royal era to relive, within one of Egypt’s architectural gems: Abdeen Palace.