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Find yourself immersed in the remarkable architecture of the Royal Throne Hall at Abdeen Palace. Located in The Salamlek, the King's division, this hall has seen many majestic historical events like the wedding ceremony of King Farouk. With its attention to detail, it stands out among the five ceremonial halls and is a testament to King Fouad’s exceptional architecture. Experience unparalleled beauty at Abdeen Palace!
Step into The Khedive Ismail Salon in Abdeen Palace – an idyllic space that held some of the wedding ceremonies of the royal family. Ornate engravings of marble, granite and amber decorate the walls with a beauty that will leave you mesmerized. This salon houses a collection of antiques owned by the Khedive, creating an environment that exudes elegance and sophistication. Come and experience its unparalleled magnificence - explore every corner and indulge in its unforgettable charm!
Where you’ll be awed by the beauty of every detail, and by the fact that the esteemed King Farouk was born there in 1920, to his mother: Her majesty, Queen Nazli. What can be more impressive about it? Its gateway to the Byzantine Hall, a whole new world within the same palace.
A captivating hall that combines elements of three distinct art styles. From the intricate details of Byzantium to the Islamic and Coptic Arts, this hall is truly awe-inspiring! Come and be mesmerized by its wonder, and discover why it's renowned as one of the most dazzling halls in the world.