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Mawlay 2024

A Royal


In Mawlay’s 4th volume, we invite our guests on a truly regal experience – a Royal Tale across some of the Mohamed Ali dynasty’s most iconic palaces from Cairo to Alexandria.

Indulge in a gastronomic adventure tailored to elevate your Ramadan experience. Our carefully curated menu reflects the diversity and richness of the region, ensuring every bite is a celebration of tradition and innovation.

As you traverse this royal route, immerse yourselves in the splendor of the crown jewel palaces. Each experience tells the stories of a regal era designed to unveil the grandeur encapsulated within these historical landmarks.

Our Schedule

Date Iftar Sohour Seating Exclusive Tour
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16 - 23 March
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25 Mar - 2 April
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Tahra Palace Tour


25 Mar - 2 April
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4 - 6 April
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Traveler Package

* Haramlek Alexandria optional Traveler Package; 1 or 2 nights, including transportation and accommodation.
* Reserve the Abdeen, Qubba, and Haramlek palaces together and unlock an exclusive price.

The Crown Jewels

Nestled in the heart of Cairo, Abdeen Palace stands as a regal testament to Egypt’s rich history and architectural grandeur since 1874. Named after Sultan Abidin Bey, a military leader during the reign of Mohamed Ali. This majestic palace, once the official seat of government, offers visitors a glimpse into the nation’s royal legacy.

The grandest royal palace of the Mohamed Ali dynasty, stretching over a 190-feddan area. Khedive Ismael constructed the Palace over 6 years extending from 1867 to 1872. The wedding of Crown Prince “Mohamed Tawfik” marked the official inauguration of Qubba Palace. With that the Palace became eternally bound to sumptuous wedding parties of the royal family.

The Italianate Palazzo style palace was constructed for Princess Amina, daughter of Khedive Ismael and mother of Mohammed Taher Pasha. Tahra Palace proudly bore the name of “Villa Amina Hanem” until it was later bequeathed to son, Taher Pasha when its name was changed several times. King Faoruk bought the palace in 1939 to be a royal gift to Queen Farida.

In 1932 King Fuad I added the Haramlek summer palace to the already sprawling Montaza palace grounds where a hunting lodge and El-Salamlek palace had stood for twenty years prior. The result was an iconic landmark built on an elevated plateau over a 370-feddan area with a unique collage of Ottoman-Islamic and Florentine architecture.